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At Trinity, we believe that God is The Creator and that He created our students in His image—therefore, they ARE creative (and deserve the opportunity to hone the skill).

As an Arts Department, we believe that as students experience our courses, they will develop many of the skills necessary to excel later in life. Art (of any category) encourages creativity, builds confidence, and allows our students to access another method of communication. It also aids in developing motor skills, visual learning, collaboration, accountability, and focus.

As we view, hear, reflect upon, and enjoy the beauty of art, we have an opportunity to glory In God and draw closer to him.

Visual Arts

TCS Art students learn basic drawing, how to see as an artist sees, and how to create portraits and personal pieces. The printmaking processes, drawing and painting in different media, clay techniques, and sculptures are also taught in our program.

Elementary School students explore visual arts through weekly art classes, and classroom teachers incorporate the joy of artistic expression throughout their curriculum.


Elementary students have the opportunity to go to music classes two to three times a week. Students perform at our God and Nation Day every fall, honoring military veterans. They also perform at our annual Grandparents program in December. Third-grade students learn to sight-read music while playing the recorder. Fourth and fifth-grade students learn to play the handbells.

Worship Team

In high school school, students can participate in our student-led worship team. The worship team leads worship during middle and high school chapels and all-school events.

Theater Arts

The theater program at Trinity Christian School offers Middle and High School students the opportunity to utilize their God-given talents for artistic expression. Students perform and study to improve their voices and diction, use of body language, and knowledge of every other facet of drama, from its structure to its history. Students are offered the opportunity to develop interpretation pieces and duet scenes for competition. They can experience and use acting as a way to externalize ideas and feelings. A student who learns to communicate well on stage can express thoughts and ideas both through movement and characterization.

Middle school students take one semester each of theater arts and visual arts.

High School Theater students also have the opportunity to audition for One-Act Play.

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