AP/Dual Credit

AP Classes: TCS offers limited Advanced Placement classes available to juniors and seniors. Depending on their AP exam grade at the end of the year, students can earn up to six college hours per AP-level class. Credit is generally awarded to students scoring a three (3) or higher on the AP Exam. Through AP’s college-level courses and exams, students stand out in the college admission process.

Students enrolled in AP courses must meet the guidelines outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook. Pre-AP classes are pre-requisites for AP courses. TCS requires students who take AP courses to take the AP Exam. There is a fee for each AP Exam taken and fees are not included in tuition. One additional (1.0) quality point will be earned by the student who takes an AP course.

AP Courses We Offer May Vary:

AP Art, AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, AP Economics, AP Government, & AP Physics 1

Dual Credit Classes:

TCS, in conjunction with South Plains College and LCU, offers students the value-added opportunity of taking a dual credit Senior English course, math, and government courses. A dual credit course is a college-level course for which the student earns both college and high school credit at the same time. Students earn their college credit immediately upon successful completion of the course. Dual credit courses must be taught by TCS or college faculty who hold at least a master’s degree with a minimum of 18 graduate-level hours in the subject that he or she teaches. To participate, a student must complete enrollment requirements with South Plains or LCU prior to the beginning of the school year.

Dual Credit Courses We Offer:

DC English 1301 and 1302 (Taken the junior year)
DC English 2332 and 2333 (Taken the senior year)
DC College Algebra
DC Trig/Pre-Calculus
DC Govt

Dual Credit forms and information can be found on the South Plains College website.