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Grades 6th-8th

Preparing Your Preteen and Teens for Success

From your own experience, you likely understand the significant role middle school plays in shaping your child. Their daily environment will have a tremendous impact during this season of extraordinary growth — physically, emotionally, socially, and academically. Your child will be forming their identity as they learn to embrace their unique God-given talents and interests, and you want to offer them the best learning experience.

At Trinity Christian our middle school program is designed to be an intentional season of growth where your pre-teen will learn to take ownership of their education, strengthen their faith, and identify personal interests.

Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

Academic Tracks
Pre Athletics
Student Life
Campus Safety

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Excellence in Academics

Middle School girls
Academic Tracks

If you have more than one child, you know that no two children are exactly the same. That’s why we offer more than one “track” through middle school. Our principals help guide your teen through selecting classes that are best suited for them, whether that’s a course that’s on-level with their age and grade or a Pre- AP class. Our curriculum is standards-based learning, which means we use the state standards as a framework but adapt lessons to fit our Christian mission.

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is built into our middle school student’s schedule. This is an opportunity for them to get additional help or ask deeper questions to a teacher over a new concept. If they don’t have any questions, students cover Habitudes, practice typing, or complete some enrichment exercises in Math and Reading.

Middle school student working in class
Middle school students on computers

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students take the MAP achievement test three times per year. This is the Measures of Academic Progress test, a computer adaptive achievement test that covers Math and Reading. The computer adjusts the difficulty of the questions so that each student takes a unique test.

Athletic Opportunities

Your middle school child will have opportunities at TCS! Our 6th grade students begin to learn the foundations of each sport. They also have the opportunity to participate in cross country and in some of the spring sports. Once they get to 7th grade, every student tries out and makes a team and begins to compete against other local teams! Playing time may vary, but we want to allow students to explore their gifts and interests — all while building confidence, fortitude, and grace.

Student Life

Developing Friendships

Relationships are an important part of middle school – with each other, with their teachers, and with the Lord!  TCS builds intentional times during the year to develop these relationships. 

When 6th graders begin their middle school years, they take a retreat.  This is where TCS sets the tone for a strong foundation.  They set goals, complete team building activities, participate in chapels, and just have fun!  Texas history comes alive for our 7th graders as they visit Austin, San Antonio, and Fredericksburg during the day.  In the evening, students participate in chapels. 

Our 8th graders take time out of their schedules to prepare for the important transition to high school mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Each of these trips is a life-changing time for our middle school students.

Learning Through Serving

Missions are an intricate part of the Trinity Christian experience. In middle school, the students are introduced to missions so that they are ready to participate in an entire missions week when they get to high school. Each year, our middle high school takes a day in the fall and a day in the spring semesters so that our students and faculty can serve local ministries.

Campus Safety

We take campus safety very seriously and protect our students with staff background checks, on-campus security, staff trained in CPR, and a school nurse. Each of our students is also required to wear their school-issued ID badges at all times. Finally, with our small class sizes, we know each of our students and their families.

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A Story of Success

“Trinity Christian Middle School is a place of love and joy. I know my kid is getting the attention he needs with Godly counsel. Every single, amazing teacher looks after each student with a loving heart.”


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