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Missions Week: A Week of Service.

At Trinity Christian School, we dedicate a week each year to providing students the opportunity to participate in missions work. Work placements include trips to locations both in and out of the country, including Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Bogota, Guatemala and Dominican Republic. This time allows the opportunity to minister, serve others, and get to know their fellow students better. Throughout their unique and exciting experience, students get to learn about other cultures and meet people of different backgrounds, and they get to share with them the good news of Jesus and be His hands and feet. Please click here to download the trip information sheet. Please Click Here to watch Mission Meeting Update.

If you are signing up for a local missions experience or you have already signed up for the Israel trip, click here to register yourself on the site.

If you are signing up for an out of town trip (other than Israel), click here to fill out the Missions Week Application.

If you are a parent who is wanting to apply to go on one of our mission trips, click here for the Parent Application.