nity Christian Middle School and High School offer a diverse and challenging program designed to prepare students spiritually and academically for success in life far beyond graduation. The programs of study available equip our students with Biblically-based critical thinking skills and engage them in active learning. They are taught how to think, not what to think. The end result is students who routinely test well above norms and graduates who know how to think deeply and work effectively.

Along with a strong core curriculum--which exceeds the requirements of the state of Texas-- Trinity MS/HS offers Honors and Advanced Placement courses, dual credit classes, a state–of–the–art technology program, award-winning science and math competitions, performing arts programs, foreign language, co–curricular activities, mentoring opportunities, annual mission trips and community service activities, and a solid athletic programs.

One of our most important tasks at TCS is to build a strong belief in integrity and honor in our students. A cornerstone of this school – after a deeply instilled love of God-- is trust and honesty. Here, the honor code is respected and adhered to. Lockers don’t need locks and backpacks left on the floor will still be there hours later. Daily chapel programs encourage loving behavior and a dependence on godly principles. It all adds up to the TCS school grounds being a special and comforting place to be.

Upper school students are offered six classes per semester (including a variety of elective options) in a block schedule format. Following are some of our specific departments and an overview of curriculum taught to students.

Science Department - We pride ourselves in having a dynamic and updated program where students are given ample opportunities for discovery, exploration, and development of critical thinking skills. Our courses are designed on the premise that students have a God-given natural curiosity about the world around them and a divine assignment to be good stewards of it. The skills learned through the study of science are essential for any discipline. These include methods of inquiry, experimental planning and designing, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating.

Health Class - Students track their health by keeping diet and exercise logs; tracking calories, and the number of calories their body burns in a day (Basic Metabolic Rate). Students also learn fitness activities for life and how to stay and make healthy choices as they grow. In health we also start the building blocks for Human Anatomy, learning organs, muscles, bones, and other systems. As they complete Health, the student will understand dangers to the body, how the body works, healthy choices, and what it means to be created in God's image.

English Department - This department is a tightly sequential program of preparation for college and college testing, focusing on classic works, composition, vocabulary and grammar skills. Centered on a strong scope and sequence, students annually read works from several genres, write papers ranging from creative works to research papers, and focus strongly on SAT and literary vocabulary necessary for success on the college level. By the junior and senior year, AP and Dual Credit classes are offered as students move on into college level work and procure college credits while in high school.

Mathematics Department - Saxon math is the curriculum utilized at TCS, as it is well designed to help students be successful mathematical problem solvers. This is accomplished by first teaching the students concepts in small incremental steps. These small pieces of a larger puzzle continue to be introduced until the whole picture is revealed. If students learn the concepts of math, they can apply the concepts to any situation. It has been shown that students need repetition of material to retain the knowledge for the long term. The problem sets are designed to constantly review old material along with the new concepts. The constant practice over a long period of time is a key to mathematical success for our students.

Trinity offers three math tracks to accommodate different academic abilities and goals. The highest classes currently offered are AP Calculus A, AP Calculus B, and AP Statistics. Test results show that the majority of our students consistently score higher in math than both the Texas average and the national average. SAT scores have indicated that the mathematics scores of our top 25% are higher than the state and national averages, as well as the top end of our middle 50%.

Each spring, the TCS Math students compete in the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) math league competition in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.

Bible Department - In Bible class, we present a systematic study of God's Word, beginning with survey courses in 7th and 8th grades and then moving into both topical and exegetical studies in high school. The 9th graders study the Life of Christ, solidifying the base for topical studies on Christian living in the 10th and 11th grades, and culminating with an exegetical study of Daniel, with emphasis on apologetics, prophecy and biblical worldview in the 12th grade.

All classes are taught from a non-denominational perspective, rendering the curriculum and classes a safe place to learn the Bible without concern that parental teaching will be undermined.

Foreign Language Department - The TCS Foreign Language Department offers students the opportunity to study Spanish or Latin. Through the study of grammar and the acquisition of new vocabulary, along with extensive practice in reading, writing, and speaking, the goal for the student is to achieve fluency in communication in the target language. The study of language includes the study of people and culture, encouraging the student to develop Christ-like compassion and understanding of other cultures with a view toward fulfilling the Great Commission. Events & activities include monthly language clubs, support of an ACSI international student and the Spring Language Fair.

Theater Arts Department - Courses are taught from three perspectives: (1) drama as a performing art; (2) drama as a ministry tool; (3) drama as a unique craft that requires training in special skills related to performance. Students perform and also study to improve their voices and diction, their use of body language, and their knowledge of every other facet of drama from its structure to its history. Students develop skills in presenting a gospel message in a creative form. Emphasis is placed on ministry skills with actual experience in a cross-cultural setting as well as producing a play with a wholesome message. Students are offered the opportunity to develop interpretation pieces and duet scenes for competition.

Art Department - Art is an integral part of the TCS curriculum. At Trinity, we believe that God is The Creator, that He created our students in His image—therefore; they ARE creative (and deserve the opportunity to hone the skill). In art class, students learn basic drawing, learn to see as an artist sees and learn to create beautiful portraits. Also taught are printmaking processes, drawing and painting in different media, clay techniques, and sculpture.

Middle School
Middle school students are in strong state of transition in their lives. At TCS, our faculty focuses on guiding these future leaders as they make the move from being children to becoming young, successful adults. Middle School at TCS is comprised of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

During the middle school years, TCS students gain access to many new opportunities from fine arts, such as theater class and art, to exciting science laboratories to a full competitive sports program. Academically, we strive to maintain a rigorous core curriculum. Three academic tracks (Regular, Honors, and Pre-Advanced Placement) are introduced in English and Math, which allows for a personalized program geared to the individual student. Keyboarding is taught in the seventh grade, while all middle school students are provided with ongoing computer-based education, including virtual labs and research, as well as Power Point and Word. A foreign language elective is introduced in eighth grade—students may choose to study either Latin or Spanish.

High School
Trinity Christian High School seeks to prepare students in body, mind and character not only for college or the missions field, but also for lifelong learning. Students are trusted to live their lives according to Godly principles, to take their education seriously and to be partners with their teachers in the learning process.

Our graduates are armed with academic excellence in all areas of study. In preparation, a full range of Advanced Placement courses are available, allowing many students to enter college with college hours already earned. A diverse sports program allows boys and girls to explore their abilities through practice and tournament play and, possibly, on into college. Basic to the TCHS program is a non-denominational Bible curriculum that covers all sections of the Word, from Creation to Revelation. Mentoring and discipleship are core goals for the teen years, as students are encouraged to grow in relationship to Christ and in a heart for service.

In a typical year, eighty percent of TCHS students continue their education at a four-year university; 20% choose to attend a two-year college. Ten percent of the graduates attend college out-of-state and 25% choose to attend private colleges. Also, TCHS has graduated 31 National Merit Commended Scholars, three National Hispanic Scholars and seven National Merit Finalists over its 19 years.