Trinity Christian School Foundation (TCSF) pursues subsidies for Trinity Christian School’s short-term and long-term needs. In addition, the foundation searches for opportunities to increase endowments for academics, arts, & the athletics programs, which are established and thriving in the school today. In 2008, the TCS school board realized that in order for the school to secure a long-term future, a systematic and intentional strategy for funding development must be implemented. Thus in July 2008, the Trinity Christian School Foundation was established. Trinity Christian School was founded in 1977, by Mrs. Joyce Herron on the premise that parents are called to raise their children with the school in partnership.

"Trinity Christian School was started in 1977 based upon four foundational stones. For a successful future, children must have a solid foundation where they know what their relationship is with God, themselves, others and creation. A foundation does not ensure that the building is never going to settle or sink. It just makes certain it will settle evenly so it won’t break apart.” Joyce Herron – Founder of TCS

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