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Coronavirus Updates

With the ongoing news surrounding the coronavirus, we wanted to create a central location for resources, information and updates of our school's status.

As you know, the safety, security and well-being of our students and community is always our top priority. We will continue to closely monitor the status of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and will update here with any changes in our school's standing.

As we wait to see what the coming weeks will look like, we want to assure you TCS is prepared.

Most recent update:

• TCS will move to online classes/at home learning the week of March 30th. We are still hopeful to go back on Monday, April 6th.
• TCS will add an additional week to Spring Break.
• TAPPS has suspended all interscholastic competition through April 12, 2020
• We are monitoring closely with local, state, and national organizations

Communications from TCS

What we are doing to protect ourselves and our school from respiratory viruses

In the short term, we are taking several steps to help avoid the spread of any flu virus, including the coronavirus.

  • We are continually discussing with GermBlast the procedures and steps to keep our students and staff members safe.
  • We are carefully monitoring developments with the coronavirus and our nursing staff is in contact with state and local health departments.
  • We are distributing sanitizer bottles in all classrooms and offices.
  • We are distributing sanitation wipes to the staff so they can wipe down desks, doorknobs, and other common surfaces to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses.


How to Talk to Children about Coronavirus

What you can do

Prevention is our best defense against the spread of any respiratory virus, including the coronavirus. The most effective way to stay healthy and minimize the spread of infectious disease is to follow basic health best practices like:

  • Enforcing great hygiene, like washing hands thoroughly and covering up coughs/sneezes
  • Students, faculty, and staff who are ill must be kept home from school. If a student arrives at school with an illness, they will be sent home immediately.
  • Students should not attend school if they have had a temperature (100 degrees or greater) within the past 24 hours. (No fever medication and fever-free for 24 hours.)
  • If a student has had emesis in the past 24 hours, they must remain at home for 24 hours following the last emesis.
  • Students will be sent home with a temperature of 100 degrees or greater, vomiting, multiple episodes of diarrhea, asthma symptoms not relieved via medication, or any symptom suspicious of a communicable disease.
  • Students cannot take medication without consent from parents.
  • Students must not give medications of any kind to another student under any circumstances
  • The Nurse does not call the parent/guardian in regard to every visit a student makes to the nurse. An email is sent to parents for a health concern needing attention. A phone call is made if parent/guardian contact is needed.

As a reminder, TCS reserves the right to send any student home who, in our opinion, would hinder or affect the health of an individual or class group.