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Cancellations & Emergencies

Our goal is to always provide a safe and healthy environment for students, staff and visitors. To ensure this, a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan has been developed. This plan covers a wide variety of emergencies and serves as a guide to help staff and our public safety partners respond swiftly should a crisis occur on any of our campuses.

The information included on this page provides an overview of the safety measures TCS has implemented and should be utilized by parents, students, and staff should there be a school emergency, or if schools are closed or cancelled due to inclement weather.

Closings, Cancellations, and Delays Due to Weather Conditions

In the interest of student safety, decisions to close schools, delay school openings, or dismiss early due to inclement weather conditions are made by the superintendent. Radio and TV stations are notified as soon as a decision is made.

During the winter months when school may be cancelled due to inclement weather (such as snow or ice), please listen to one of the following stations for information regarding the closing of the school:

RADIO: KFYO - 790 (AM) or KJAK - 92.7 (FM)

TV: KAMC -28 or KCBD -11

TCS will follow the LISD weather closing schedule.

Safety Measures in Our School

A number of safety measures are in place in our school. Some of the measures that can be found here include:

• Both the elementary and the Jr/Sr High has a Crisis Response Team with selected members that have participated in training to ensure appropriate response on a variety of potential school emergencies.

• All exterior school doors are locked during school hours.

• Each school has an emergency radio to receive updates on emergency situations.

• Visitor's desk is manned at the entrance of every school.

• As a condition of entry, visitors must sign-in and wear a visitors I.D. badge.

• All principals and key administrators have cell phones with text messaging capability.

Additionally TCS students, staff and families are protected by Sentry Security Detail, a team of full-time private security officers, licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Each officer meets and exceeds state required license and training requirements and provides services for all TCS Campuses, various field trips, and special events. The TCS Security officers attend Trinity Church and are contributors to the TCS mission, vision, ideals, and values.

As a Parent, How Can You Prepare for a School Emergency?

As a parent, it is important to provide accurate emergency contact information to your child's school and notify the school office staff if it changes. Information can also be updated via RenWeb. We will use our Parent Alert System with voicemail message to inform you of any emergency or cancellation. Please make sure your correct cell phone number, including area code, is in RenWeb.