Drug & Alcohol Policy



1. Prevent injury, illness, and harm resulting from the use of illegal and performance-enhancing drugs or alcohol;

2. Help enforce a drug-free educational environment;

3. Deter student use of illegal and performance-enhancing drugs or alcohol;

4. Give students a valid reason to resist peer pressure to use illegal drugs or alcohol; and

5. Educate students regarding the harm caused by the use of illegal and performance-enhancing drugs or alcohol.


TCS is implementing a drug and alcohol policy because of our passion to help our students make good choices that are healthy and biblically based, and to ensure that we are above reproach in our interactions with our community. We are very blessed at TCS to have outstanding students and families that partner with us. Nevertheless, drugs and alcohol are a real temptation and we believe it is important for us to do all we can to ensure the safety and well-being of our students.

Prohibited Behavior

Illegal Drugs

The use, sale, or offer to sell, purchase, transfer, manufacture, or possession in any detectable manner of an illegal drug or alcohol or any synthetic or “look-alike” substance by any student is strictly prohibited.

Drug Paraphernalia

The sale, offer to sell, purchase, transfer, manufacture, or possession of drug paraphernalia by any student is strictly prohibited.

Use of Trained Dogs

The district has the authority to use specially trained non-aggressive dogs to sniff out and alert officials to the current presence of concealed prohibited items, illicit substances, and alcohol. The objective of this program is to maintain a safe school environment conducive to education and extra-curricular activities. Such visits to school shall be unannounced and will be carried out according to board policy.

Students are hereby notified that:

  1. The areas around student lockers may be sniffed by trained dogs at any time.
  2. Their persons while on school grounds or at a school-sponsored or school-related activity may be sniffed by trained dogs at any time.
  3. The areas around vehicles parked on school property may be sniffed by trained dogs at any time.
  4. Classrooms and other common areas may be sniffed by trained dogs at any time when students are not present.
  5. If contraband of any kind is found, the student possessing the contraband or having control over the locker, automobile, or bag in which the contraband was found may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the student code of conduct and/or student handbook.

Random Drug Testing


As part of its commitment to a drug-free and alcohol-free educational environment, all Trinity Christian students in grades 9-12 will be part of the TCS drug testing program. Any new student that is transferring into grades 9-12 will also have to take a drug test before being admitted to TCS for the first time. Frequency, method of specimen collection, and timing of drug testing will be at the discretion of TCS administration.


In order to remain in good standing as a student at TCS, students will be required to sign a consent form agreeing to be part of the drug testing program for Trinity. The form will only have to be signed once and will be valid for the entire time the student is enrolled at Trinity Christian School in grades 9 through 12. Parents/guardians will also be required to sign the consent form authorizing TCS to obtain and test samples from their child(ren). Refusal to sign the consent form(s) will result in dismissal from TCS.


All information relating to testing or the identification of persons as illegal drug or alcohol users shall be protected by TCS as a confidential student record, unless otherwise required by law or authorized in writing by the student or the student’s parent/guardian. Information regarding the results of drug tests shall not be disclosed to criminal or juvenile authorities absent legal compulsion to do so by valid and binding subpoena or other legal process, which TCS shall not solicit. In the event of service of any such subpoena or legal process, the student and the student's custodial parent or guardian shall be notified before TCS responds if permitted to do so by law. Results of tests shall only be reported to the student, parents/guardians of the student and to the administrator(s), coach(s), and/or sponsor(s) involved.

Should a student who was suspended from participation in extracurricular activities or received other consequences under Trinity Christian's drug testing policy transfer to another school and seek to participate in extracurricular activities there, the administration shall indicate on the required UIL/TAPPS Previous Athletic Participation Form, if one is required from TCS, that the student was suspended from extracurricular activities for violating a school policy. The parent or guardian may be required by the new school or the UIL/TAPPS District Executive Committee to elaborate on the reasons for the suspension in order to be in good standing to participate in extracurricular activities at that school.

Drug Testing Procedures

Licensed professionals will conduct testing, and lab work will be done at a certified lab. Students will be required to produce an industry accepted biological sample, which may include urine, hair, saliva or some other biological substance that may be reliably tested to determine illegal drug usage. If appropriate for the test, the sample will be divided into two separate specimens and sealed, in the event a confirmation test is needed. Students and/or parents/guardians will have the opportunity to provide information concerning prescription medication being taken by the student, which might lead to an erroneous positive result. Parents can also request to be in attendance during the collection of their student’s samples for testing.

Appeal Process

Within 72 hours of being notified of a test result, parents/guardians of any student testing positive will have an opportunity to request a conference with the designated administrator, at which time the student or parents/guardians may offer an explanation of the positive result. Parents/guardians may provide any doctor's prescriptions of any drugs that the student was taking that might have affected the outcome of the test. Within the 72-hour time period, the parents/guardians of the student or the student him- or herself, if the student is 18 years old or older, may request a retest of the sample collected. Upon such a request, the urine sample shall be retested by the same lab and method as the previous test. If the retest is negative, the student will remain in good standing. If the retest is positive, the parents/guardians are responsible for the cost of the retest, and the student shall be subject to consequences under this policy.

If a parent fails to make a request for a retest within 72 hours of receiving notice of a positive test result, the appeals process will be waived and the second sample will not be tested. The student shall remain eligible to participate in extracurricular activities during the 72-hour appeal period.


Consequences are cumulative through the high school years (grades 9 through 12). All students coming in new to TCS will begin with a clean record.

All students who have a positive random drug test must complete a TCS-approved substance abuse counseling course. In addition, the severity of further consequences for a positive random drug test will be determined based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. The student’s previous disciplinary history;
  2. The student’s previous drug test results;
  3. The parents’ and student’s cooperation with TCS to develop a plan of action designed to ensure that the student adopts a personal lifestyle choice to refrain from any further use of alcohol or illegal drugs; and
  4. The student’s success or failure at following the plan of action developed by the student, his or her family, and TCS.

Depending on the factors set forth above, TCS may implement, at its sole discretion, disciplinary consequences for a positive test result ranging from in- or out-of-school suspension from school (including suspension from extracurricular activities) to dismissal of the student from TCS.

Required Submission to Further Testing Upon Testing Positive

Any student testing positive will be removed from the random testing pool and will be required to be tested at the time of each random testing for a minimum period of one calendar year from the date of the first offense.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Upon reasonable suspicion by a staff member that a student is under the influence of a drug or alcohol while at school or while at a school-sponsored or school-related activity, that student may be required by the school nurse or by the principal or designee to submit to a drug use or alcohol test at any time. A student found to have possessed, distributed, used, or been under the influence of an illegal drug or alcohol while on school grounds or while participating in or attending a Trinity activity on or off TCS property shall be punished as provided in the TCS Student Code of Conduct and/or Student Handbook.


Definitions contained herein are provided only to assist in the interpretation of the drug and alcohol testing policy. In instances where these definitions conflict with definitions contained in the Student Code of Conduct or Student Handbook, the definitions contained in the Student Code of Conduct or Student Handbook shall prevail.

Activities--Interscholastic athletics, cheerleading, drill team, academic clubs, special interest clubs, musical performances, dramatic productions, student government, fine arts organizations, industrial technology and agricultural organizations, and any other activity or group that participates in contests, competitions, demonstrations, or community service projects on behalf of or as a representative of the district.

Biological Testing--for this plan, the scientific analysis of an industry-accepted biological specimen for the purpose of detecting an illegal drug or alcohol.

Good Standing--Having met the requirements in order to be able to pursue all educational and extracurricular activities as are available, with no restrictions or consequences.

Illegal Drug--Any drug which is not legally obtainable; any drug which is legally obtainable, but has not been legally obtained; any prescribed drug not being used for the prescribed purpose; any over the counter drug being used at a dosage level different than recommended by the manufacturer, being used for a purpose not in accordance with bona fide medical therapy.

Possession--The presence of any detectable amount of an illegal substance, whether on the person, their personal or assigned property, or in the body system.

Random Drug Testing—A testing process in which selection for testing is made by a method employing objective, neutral criteria, which ensures that every person subject to testing has a substantially equal statistical chance of being selected. This method does not permit subjective factors to play a role in selection.

Reasonable Suspicion--Based on specific personal observation concerning the appearance, speech, or behavior of the student that indicates the effects of drug or alcohol use. Information provided by a reliable source, if based on personal knowledge, may also constitute reasonable suspicion.

Under the Influence—A condition in which a person is affected by a drug or alcohol.

Trinity Christian School

Student Acknowledgment Form

I have received and read a copy of the Trinity Christian School ("TCS") Drug & Alcohol Deterrent Program. I understand that this program is part of the school district's rules, and that it applies to all TCS students, grades nine through twelve for the duration of their enrollment in such grades.


Print Name

___________________________________________ _______________________________

Student Signature Date

___________________________________________ _______________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date



(For all students, grades 9-12)

I, ___________________________, as a parent or guardian of __________________________________, a student enrolled in Trinity Christian School ("TCS"), hereby agree to the following for the duration of his/her enrollment at TCS, grades 9 through 12.

I understand the school's policy regarding substance abuse and its commitment to a drug-free and alcohol-free educational environment. I agree with that commitment. I understand that it is the practice of TCS to conduct drug and alcohol testing, including an initial drug test at the beginning of each school year, or upon initial enrollment at TCS, and random and reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol tests thereafter, for the purpose of carrying out this policy. Because I agree with TCS's commitment to a drug-and alcohol-free school, I acknowledge that my child's enrollment at TCS is conditioned on my child's remaining drug- and alcohol-free.

I understand that my child will not be compelled to give a biological specimen, including a urine, breath, hair, or saliva sample (hereafter "sample"), however, I further understand that it is a condition of remaining in good standing as a student at TCS that my child produce a sample. I understand that is a condition of remaining in good standing as a student at TCS that my child produce a sample. I understand that if he/she gives a sample, it will be tested for illegal drugs and/or alcohol. I understand that if my child does not give a sample, he/she will be dismissed from school as a consequence. Due to my unequivocal commitment to maintaining a drug-free and alcohol-free school, I hereby waive his/her rights to the extent needed for TCS to conduct drug testing on my child under its Drug Testing Program. I further hereby waive any privacy rights that I or my child may have under any state or federal law privacy laws relating to the disclosure of the results that I or my child may have under any state or federal or federal law privacy laws relating to the disclosure of the results of my child's drug testing to school officials, including but not limited to, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPPA").

Prescription drugs currently taken as prescribed.


At this time, I hereby agree to my child giving a biological specimen, including urine, breath, hair, and/or saliva, or purposes of drug and alcohol testing.

___________________________________________ _______________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date

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Printed Name Witness

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Student Signature

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