Portrait of a Graduate

All schools endeavor to impart into students a rigorous academic foundation that will serve them well as they graduate to the next stage in life. However, given the above description of our mission, core values, operating principles, and underlying philosophy, it should be apparent that TCS views its students first from an eternal perspective that values discipleship and absolute truth. Thus, the development of a rigorous academic foundation is a vital component of what we do, but it is not our ultimate goal. Rather, our ultimate goal is to develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ whose lives glorify God. As mature disciples, they will have the foundational wisdom and character necessary to view their rigorous academic (and physical) training as a platform for furthering Kingdom purposes.

Students will graduate from TCS with the following desired outcomes.

TCS graduates will:

1. walk in a healthy, growing relationship with Jesus Christ. All graduates will have personally accepted Christ as both Lord and Savior and will consistently exhibit Godly character which is the reflection of Jesus Christ working in the life of an individual believer as evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5: 22). They will commit to personal devotion time, will meet regularly with a local body of believers for worship, fellowship, and Bible study, and will view their life in the context of establishing God’s kingdom on earth.

2. endeavor to become Christ-like leaders. Graduates will seek to utilize their influence as Christian citizens to impact the lives of others for God’s glory (Matt 20:16) and will integrate this pursuit as they serve their homes, churches, communities, and workplaces.

3. understand that wisdom begins with the fear and respect of God. Graduates will recognize God’s Word as the basis for absolute truth and as the foundation for all instruction and learning. They will view the totality of life through a biblical worldview and be prepared to base their thoughts and ideas on absolute truth. They will be ready to give a defense for the hope they profess (I Peter 3:15).

4. embrace a strong work ethic that is founded on an eternal perspective (Col 3:23). Graduates will be diligent and hard-working and will devote themselves to kingdom work through intentional and responsible management and development of their time, talent and treasure. Graduates will view their pursuit of a career as the process of discovering God’s calling on their lives and will seek to please Him above all else.

5. become life-long learners who strive to achieve a clear understanding of God’s creation (Pro 22:6). Graduates will exhibit creative and critical thinking and will appreciate intellectual rigor, demonstrating proficiency in a variety of academic disciplines. They will have the necessary academic training to allow them to excel in post-secondary pursuits, including higher education, missions, and ministry.