Pete Christy called Trinity Christian Volleyball Coach Tyler Neal

Call a Coach #146
I called Trinity Christian Volleyball Coach Tyler Neal.
Neal is in his 15th year at the school and has won 5 TAPPS Volleyball State Championships, including last year.
“The best part really is the relationships we’ve been able to have with athletes and their families. My wife and I were at a wedding of one of our former players this weekend and one of our former coaches. We went to two weddings. You think back and you are so thankful for the memories and getting to know people and be part of their lives. Hopefully you have a little bit of an impact on their life through that relationship. That’s the best part about doing this job I think.”
TAPPS started up Athletics this week and Trinity Christian has invited TAPPS volleyball teams from around the area to come Friday and Saturday for a preseason tournament.
“We are so excited. The girls are super pumped just to play some volleyball against somebody other than ourselves in practice. When our season got pushed ball and all of our preseason tournaments got canceled, we decided since TAPPS was still going to allow tournaments and UIL wasn’t, let’s invite a bunch of TAPPS schools to our gym. We invited pretty much all the TAPPS schools in this region. We have 8 teams in the Varsity division and 9 teams in the JV division. It’s going to be teams like Midland Christian, who’s a 6A and schools that are smaller like Southcrest and KPA and All Saints, who have strong volleyball programs. It’s going to be great to feel like we are finally starting our season. The varsity pool on Friday starts in the afternoon. We play at 3, 5 and 8 in the Lions Den. Bracket play will start 9am Saturday.”
With a new team, Trinity Christian has the same lofty goal: winning a State Title.
“We are going to give it our best shot. The make up of this team is really unique. We graduated a lot of Seniors and a lot of girls who had played a lot of time for us. We still have 9 Seniors this year. A lot of them are excited for their opportunity to be in the spotlight. The girls are working really hard. Their attitude has been great. They are extremely coachable. If we can get the chemistry just right, I think we could surprise some people.”
Before Trinity Christian, Coach Neal was in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles at Notre Dame Academy for two seasons coaching boys varsity volleyball and girls JV volleyball.
Prior to that, Coach Neal was practicing law.
“That was my first career as a real estate lawyer in Los Angeles. I quit my job and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I started coaching and fell in love with it and haven’t looked back. I found my calling indirectly.“
Neal was a college volleyball player at powerhouse Stanford.
“I grew up in Southern California. My dream was always to play volleyball at Stanford. I was able to realize that dream and I played from 1995-98 and was part of a National Championship team in 1997, which is pretty incredible.”
Coach Neal does a sensational job and we are so lucky to have him and his family in Lubbock.
“We are thankful to find our second home at Trinity. We are very excited to keep doing it and looking forward to the season.”
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