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Elementary Uniform and Dress Code Information

Elementary Uniform Information

Overall, our dress code is predicated on safety, neatness, modesty, and comfort. As you can understand, TCS reserves the right to make the final decision in questionable areas of dress code. Parents will be called at the discretion of the teacher or office staff when students do not follow the dress code. We are grateful that the vast majority of our students follow the dress code without a problem. Thank you for standing with us. All elementary students (PreK- 5th) are required to wear designated coordinated dress on a daily basis. If a child receives 4 dress code violations in a nine-week period, they will serve detention. Each subsequent violation during that six weeks will result in detention. Please call the office for clarification.

Belts (Boys and Girls)

Must be worn with all pants, shorts, or skirts with belt loops

Color- Red, white, navy, black, or brown (no animal prints or glitter)

Small buckle

Not required for PreK or kindergarten students

General Appearance


Hats and caps may not be worn in the school building and classrooms.

Tattos (including temporary) and body piercing are not permissible.

Girls may wear pierced earrings. Earrings are not permissible for boys.

No scarves or vests (other than TCS Spirit Shop vests) may be worn in the classroom.


Hairstyles for boys should be trimmed above the collar and no lower than the bottom of the ear lobe and cannot fall below the eyebrows.No extreme hair styles or colors, including cut-out designs.

No excessive hair accessories including huge flowers, scarves, etc.

Jeans Day

Plain jeans, long denim shorts or denim capris may be worn on designated days with a TCS shirt. No holes, sparkles or fancy stitching is allowed.Low rise, stretch denim jeans, skinny or tight jeans, denim skirts / skorts are not acceptable.


No make up is allowed in elementary.


For safety during PE activities, all students must wear lace-up tennis shoes on their scheduled days of P.E.No Flip Flops , high heeled shoes or tall wedges are acceptable at any time.


All socks may be solid red, white, navy, black, or grey; socks may have minimal stripes / designs in school colors.


Students may wear any color of jacket while outside on break or during P.E. When they are in the classroom, they may wear solid red, navy, white, black, grey or one from TCS Spirit Shop. No denim in the classroom.

Parents, please label all personal belongings for your children.

Please note:

No Chapel attire is required for PreK students

All shirts must be tucked in (except for PreK and kindergarten)

No brand logos are allowed to be visible on any clothing item

Anything purchased from the TCS Spirit Shop is allowed as long as it is in school colors

Please label jackets and sweaters with your child first and last name

Uniforms may be purchased from the following retailers using the above guidelines:

Please note that just because the following retailers sell certain items, they must be within TCS dress code standards.

Designs in Thread Old Navy Gap

Dillard’s Sears

JC Penney

Target TCS Spirit Shop