Tuition and Fees

1. The total annual tuition is paid out over a ten month payment plan (August - May), with the first payment is due August 1st. Tuition payments can be made at

2. Tuition accounts are due on the first of each month, delinquent after the tenth. A $50 late fee is charged to all accounts not paid by the tenth of each month. This late fee also pertains to After School Care.

3. Tuition accounts must be kept current. Students whose accounts remain delinquent may be suspended from the classroom as of the first school day of the following month, via TCS School Board policy.

4. Tuition payments may be paid online at or mailed to or dropped off at the Business Office at 6701 University Ave. Please do not give tuition payments to your child’s teacher. Please do not put tuition payments or gifts to the school in the Trinity Church offerings. If you pay with cash, please bring the correct amount.

5. Do not include miscellaneous costs such as yearbook, school pictures, extended care, school trips, etc. with your tuition payment. Separate checks are required.

6. More than two insufficient checks returned from your bank may result in your account being put on a “cash only” basis.

7. Language Retraining fees are added to the base tuition at the time of placement, in addition to your monthly tuition amount.

If you have any questions regarding your tuition costs and/or payment schedule, please contact Tammy at the School Business Office/Accounts Receivable at 806-791-6583.

To see our tuition and fees schedule, please click here.