What is the current enrollment of Trinity Christian School?

Presently, 674 students make up the TCS school body, Pre-K through grade 12. There are 367 students enrolled in grades Pre-K through 6th grade and 307 junior high and high school students. The graduating class of 2016 had 39 students and we will graduate 59 in 2017.

How Is TCS accredited?

Trinity Christian School is accredited by ACSI, the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and is approved by the State of Texas. Also, we hold affiliations with the Texas Private School Accreditation Committee, the National Association of Secondary Principals, the College Board and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Tell me about the TCS enrollment process.

To enroll a student, visit the Admissions tab on the website to submit your Online Application, along with the $75 Application Fee. Once the application and fee of $75 ($50 will go toward the registration fee once accepted) are submitted, you will be invited to meet with us for a new student screening test and parent interview. The admissions office can also arrange a school tour or a day of shadowing.

Explain your Student Ambassador and Connections Parenting Programs.

The Student Ambassador program was birthed from the idea that Trinity Christian School has so much to offer that it is hard to describe on paper or over the phone to prospective families. The program is the student aspect of the Connections Parenting Program, which seeks to welcome and reach out to prospective and current TCS families. When you visit our campus for the first time, it is our hope and desire that you will feel welcome and that your questions will be answered by our Admissions staff, one of our Connections parents, and the student ambassadors. For more information please contact Dana Brewer at 806.791.6583.

What is your admission testing like?

Applicants (1-12 grade) for admission are given a New Student Screening Test. This test evaluates skills in reading, math, handwriting and social development. In some cases, further testing may be required.

Will you explain your policy on discipline?

Our policies are covered in the TCS Parent & Student Handbook. In general, our goal is not to suppress the youthful exuberance of our students, but to create a climate where respect and cooperation are expected and learning can be maximized.

I hear you have a "Parent Leadership Council." What is that?

A very unique and valuable component of our school is the Parent Leadership Council-a group established several years ago to enhance communication between parents and each of the school campuses. A total of four volunteer parents participate on the council for three-year terms and meet six times each year to discuss ideas for our school, facilitate communication between parents and the school, and assist teachers in obtaining feedback from parents. There is one representative each from the high school, the junior high, the 4th-6th grade, and PreK- 3rd grade. Our current members are Philip Riewe, Dr. Holly Reeves, Tracee Spore, and Martha Hagood.

If you have questions, concerns or any ideas for improving our students' experience through parent support, email us at plc@tcslubbock.org.

What is your maximum class size?

Maximum class size varies by grade in elementary school, and by subject in junior high and high school. For kindergarten classes, the maximum is 14 students in a class; first grade classes have a maximum of 16; grades 2, 3 and 4 have a maximum of 18. Our goal for grades 5-6 is 18-20 students per class. In junior high (7th, 8th and 9th grades) we maintain 18-22 students per class; tenth through twelfth grades have up to 22 students per class.

Do you offer before-school or after-school care?

We do not offer before-school activities. As a rule, students are not allowed on campus before 7:40 a.m. and always must have some type of professional or parental supervision. The elementary school does provide an excellent After-School Care (ASC) program as well as extracurricular activities, and the junior and senior high school keep students busy with a number of activities, such as athletic options, including basketball, tennis, track, golf, volleyball and cheerleading. Please contact the appropriate school office for more specific information.

What curriculum do you use?

The curriculum utilized varies depending on the grade. For Jr/Sr High students it will also vary on the academic track selected (Regular, Honors or Pre-Advanced Placement). For additional information regarding curriculum contact Brenda Tyler at 806.791.6583 or btyler@tcslubbock.org.

Do you have advanced placement courses?

Yes, advanced placement offerings include honors and advanced placement classes in math, science, foreign language, government/economics, English and the arts. Also, Dual Credit English, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and College Algebra are offered through South Plains College.

Does TCS have a remediation program?

Available to those students needing extra assistance in the early years are the following:

Transitional First Grade -- For students who are developmentally young. This is an additional year between kindergarten and first grade.

Language Retraining (LR)-- a multi-sensory daily, one-hour program for students who are having difficulty learning the skills of written English, including Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, CAPS and spelling difficulties.

Speech Therapy - On site speech therapy is provided for additional fee.

Content Mastery (Inclusion) - Students remain in the classroom, and a qualified educator provides individualized instruction according to need.

How is the TCS Academic year scheduled?

Our academic year is based on two semesters with three six- weeks grading periods per semester. In the elementary school (Pre-K through sixth grade), classes meet daily. In the Jr/Sr High (7th-12th grade), we utilize a block schedule with 80-minute classes that meet every other day for each subject. There is a 30-minute study hall daily for junior high and high school students. Each week alternates between, what we call, Red and Navy days. Students with English on a "Red" day for example, will meet three times one week and two the next (i.e., Monday, Wednesday and Friday one week and Tuesday and Thursday, the next). Hard copies and electronic copies of color coded calendars are available for parents and students.

How do you divide your campuses and grades?

TCS offers Pre-K - 3rd grade at the Elementary School campus at 7002 Canton Avenue, Lubbock, Texas. Grades 4-6 are situated at the Elementary School Campus located at 6701 University Avenue (South Campus). The JH/HS is located at 6701 University Avenue (North Campus).

How are your teachers qualified to teach my child?

Our teachers meet the standards for certification through the Association of Christian Schools International, which requires a four-year degree with a certain number of credits in educational and biblical courses. These credits must be renewed over time. Additionally, most of our teachers hold state teaching licenses, and a number hold graduate degrees (30% hold advanced degrees, including three with earned doctorates). All teachers and support staff of Trinity Christian School are born-again believers who are committed to the philosophy of Christian education.

Do you offer a nursery program?

A program, called the Trinity Early Education Center (EEC), is offered for infants ages 10 weeks to four years of age. It is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You may choose all five days or a combination of those days. Trinity's EEC program is one of the largest in the city and has a well-trained staff who believe God has given them a desire and ability to minister to your children, while you work - or even just enjoy a few days out. For more information, call 806.791.8004.

What do you offer for a Pre-K program?

At age four, students may enroll in the Trinity Christian School four-year-old academic Pre-Kindergarten program. This program works to prepare students for school as well as to develop social skills through interactive activities. Teaching and learning is set up with a hands-on approach using manipulatives for the children. This enables each individual child to learn and progress at his/her own pace and maturation in the various areas of learning. The child must be four years old by September 1.

What is cut-off date for kindergarten eligibility and how old must my child be?

Students seeking placement in kindergarten must be five years of age by Sept. 1st of the enrollment year.

What kind of technology do you offer?

Trinity offers its students complete computer labs on each campus. Elementary school students attend a computer class where they are exposed to various software applications such as Word, Power Point and Excel, as well as academic enrichment activities and Spanish via the Rosetta Stone program. At the Junior High level, students are provided experience in keyboarding, Microsoft and other software applications. High School students have media and technology courses available.

Do TCS students wear uniforms or is there a written dress code?

Overall, our dress code is based on safety, neatness, modesty, and comfort. Our elementary school students (Pre-K - 6th grade) are expected to wear coordinated dress on a daily basis. The attire expectations are relaxed at the junior high level although they are still in a coordinated style of dress. High school students are not required to participate in the coordinated dress, but should dress appropriately for a school environment and follow the school dress code.

You state that you provide a "Christian Education." Can you explain what this means?

We believe that a well-rounded "Christian Education" is one that does more than just teach academics plus a Bible or religion class. Rather, it is helping students understand all school subjects from a biblical perspective. To this end, integration of scripture is emphasized and encouraged throughout the students' day and in all subject areas. The Word of God is readily applied in our school community, including a willingness to pray for and with our students.

This perspective goes beyond the traditional teaching of "religion" to the forming of a spiritual foundation for life. Trinity students are trained to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and we expect them to leave our campus impacting the world for Christ with their lives. The biblical teaching students receive at TCS prepares them for any mission field the Lord calls them into, whether that is as a doctor, lawyer, pastor, missionary, parent, spouse or friend, locally or abroad.

TCS states that it provides students with a "Christian education with a biblical worldview." Will you explain what the term "biblical worldview" means?

A worldview is the framework from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world. A biblical worldview is based on the infallible Word of God, the Bible. At TCS, we believe that the Bible is entirely true, and that this truth can be claimed over each area of our lives. Biblical truth drives what we think, how we act, and ultimately, reflects what we believe to be really real. For Christians, this truth is embodied in Jesus Christ, and for this reason, the most important aspect of a biblical worldview is a right relationship with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. If truth is rooted in the nature of God, approaching life from a biblical worldview also produces the right approach to life: that we should love God and obey His Word.

Are you affiliated with a specific church or denomination?

Families from nearly 40 different churches in the city send their children to TCS. Our students represent every Christian denomination, both Protestant and Catholic. Trinity Christian School is a ministry of Trinity Church.